10 things you don’t know about google

  1. Every minute 2 MILLION searches are performed on Google.
  2. Google beats facebook in being the most visited website
  3. On August 16, 2013 Google went down for 5 minutes and in that time global internet traffic dropped by 40%
  4. Google has been acquiring 2 Companies per month since 2010
  5. The domain googlesucks.com is owned by google itself.
  6. In 1999, the founders actually tried to sell it to Excite for just $1 Million. But, Excite turned down the offer.
  7. Google intends to scan all 129 million unique books before 2020.
  8. Google first tweet was “I’m feeling Lucky” written in Binary Code.BD4
  9. A single Google Search requires more computing power than it took to send Apollo 11 to the moon.
  10. Search “Atari Breakout” on google images and a game will start.ht_atari_breakout_jef_130514_wmain

4 Android Apps You’re Not Using.

Hey android fans and users out there, now by doing this I’m also proving that I’m not bias. Enough with the talking, let’s roll…

 1.  Google Opinion Rewards [Price: Free]

Who doesn’t like taking free rewards? Well, Google Opinion Rewards is going to give you just that for answering a few surveys. You can receive upto $1 for just one survey. (and mind you, those surveys are just 1 or 2 questions long)opinionrewards_zps2b41582a

2.         Helium- App Sync & Backup [Price: Free]

Probably the one of the best backup app on the google play store. It has an excellent user-interface but what sets it apart from other backup apps is that you don’t need root your phone before backing up. (rooting is gaining special access to things on your phone that the carriers {airtel,vodafone} and manufacturers didn’t intend for you to have )rc_600x450

3. IF by IFTTT [Price: Free]

If you find yourself wasting a lot of time with repetitive internet tasks, or if you just want to automate tasks on your phone, try IF by IFTTT.The app allows you to create “recipes” or tasks built around the structure If This, Then That. For example, you post something on Facebook it automatically shares it on Twitter and Instagram. (You can customise on which social network which you want to post on) . It also connects with your Phillips Hue Lightbulbs. It can change the colour of your light according to the music you are playing.unnamed

4. Reddit’s Ask Me Anything [Price: Free]

Well, your dream of asking famous celebrities, politicians and other famous people can come true… By this app. You can ask people varying from Barack Obama to Tom Cruise.



Baleno is Maruti’s Diwali cracker.

Maruti-YRA_218_2015_04By now everyone knows that you will never stop ‘checking your WhatsApp, talking on the phone, sending messages, checking your mail’ while driving your car. Since you will never change, the car companies have planned to change the way you use mobile in a car. The latest example is Apple CarPlay in Maruti’s latest kid on the block.

Basically, Apple CarPlay brings your iOS screen onto the 7-inch infotainment screen. It supports:

  • Telephone Pairing (hands-free talking on phone)
  • Message (will flash on screen)
  • Siri integration (siri will read out your incoming messages)
  • Music (your saved music on phone)
  • And an in-built Navigation System (can take you to Timbaktu too!!!)


So basically the purpose is to ensure your eyes are on the road ( not on phone) and your hands on the steering wheel ( again not on phone).

By the way, it’s the first car in India to feature Apple CarPlay

The Baleno ( have you heard the name before? Yes, car with same name was launched in 2000) offers the lovely 1.2 litre K-series engine, which was used in the blockbuster Swift. It also provides 1248 CC, which is strong for a car like this. It is also very spacious and provides plenty of foot space, which means you can also take it out for a road trip. And then the two most important questions in the mind of a car buyer…

The price of the car and what’s the mileage?

Well, it costs ₨5 lakhs and gives 27.4kmpl as per company info. If you planning to buy one, brace yourself for a long waiting period. ( typical for new launches)

I have cracked the secret why kids burn crackers.

Every year the dad of my friend takes us to Chandni Chowk to buy loads of crackers. He gives us a free hand in buying ANY CRACKER we wish to and we wonder, why he gets extra- generous when it comes to crackers. In fact he even suggests us to experiment with the latest crackers. Like this chinese ladder,ezgif.com-gif-maker

You must have noticed that your father never asks you to stop burning crackers, because you share at least one common thing with him… that is the love of burning crackers. So the kids can not be held responsible for burning crackers its basically the uncles and papas who cannot fight away their love of crackers. In the apartments that I live, it’s the uncles who carry the baton and bring car (boot) loads of crackers on the pretext of getting them for us, children. We are occasionally given chance of burning one or two ‘safe’ Anars or Fuljhadis. The Mega Blockbuster ones are burnt by proud papas. Their faces glee in pride, and the spark can actually be seen in their eyes.

So instead of blaming us children for cracker pollution, Be brave, bold and courageous enough to accept that there is a child in you!!!!!

By the way, uncle if you don’t have time to go to Chandni Chowk this Diwali, you can now order them from bigbasket.com

10 reasons why you shouldn’t read conventional books and read on kindle paperwhite

  1. You get to know your mother’s credit card password as she gets agitated by the number of books you buy and eventually gives out her password.
  2. You can read anywhere, anytime and in any light because kindle has an auto-brightness feature, which allows you to read in total darkness also and doesn’t strain your precious eyes.
  3. You don’t need to waste your money on books as you can borrow as many books you want with paying just Rs 99/month by using kindle unlimited.kindle-unlimited-india-640x447
  4. Very affordable. Costs only Rs 6000-9000
  5. Kindle also has an experimental Internet browser. (so that you can see my blog)feat_9_1371837855
  6. Battery lasts for WEEKS on regular usage.
  7. Perfect size and easily fits in hand.
  8. Has an in-built dictionary. Just press on the word and the meaning will pop-up.Paperwhite-Physical
  9. Confused about what is the characters role in the story? Press the word and role will pop-up.
  10. Finally, the most important reason- You can turn your Bookshelf into a shoe rack.10-diy-shoe-rack

iPads will get cheaper… I am sure of that now…

I have been noticing for months now that my mother who was a stickler for iPad has hardly been using it ever since she got her iPhone6.

Well I was contemplating the reasons and I finally thought of confronting her. Well the excuse she gave made me feel very pity for IPad. She said iPad is so big, heavy and huge ( suddenly) and Iphone6 has such a large screen that I rather type my mails , or Facebook or even read articles on it only. This led me to realise that iPad demand will definitely be hit because of this ease and convenience the phone screen was providing. My grandmother who has an iPhone 6s is a step ahead of my mom. She hasn’t even charged her iPad for many months now whereas it used to be her favourite toy once upon a time.

Then I turned on to find some news related to it. I found that research is been done by Pocket app which lets users save pages, videos and other content to read later.

It studied more than two million articles and videos opened using the app.

Pocket discovered people who upgraded to an iPhone 6 now view content on their phones 72 per cent of the time. This is up from 55 per cent when they owned on a smaller screen. Plus, the bigger the phone, the less people use their iPad. Users with an iPhone 6 read on their tablets 19 per cent less. And those with an iPhone 6 Plus are on their tablets 36 per cent less

Well iPad has hard times ahead.. And consumers wishing to buy iPad may finally feel aache din have come..


iPhone 6s Review

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 1.52.51 pm

I know you ignored the picture above.

There are 2 reasons for that-

  1. You couldn’t understand anything
  2. You are more eager to see what I write (obviously)

But, there are loads of people who go with the first option.

Look, even I didn’t understand anything in the picture above until I surfed the internet for about one hour and that’s why I’m going to help you save that precious one hour.

So, here is the simplified version, (I have also put a link for the so called proper specifications)

  • Perfect length, breadth and height and isn’t heavy
  • AMAZING resolution
  • 4K Video recording (what more do you want)
  • Nice front camera and those photos just got a life, means-they act like a video when you touch it (amazing for selfie- addicts)
  • Touch-id
  • Force Touch-                                                                                                                                  Senses the pressure of your touch and gives you shortcuts to things you do most on your phone like-  screen shot 2015-09-09 at 2.32.31 pmfacebook-3D-touch


  • Battery lasts 2 days on regular usage
  • Operating System: iOS9 (my favourite, good-bye android fans)
  • And these amazing apps

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 2.36.55 pm

  • AND IT’S PRICY $$$$

For those people who want proper specifications

(best of luck if you make it through) :



E-mail me at adi@adiblogs.com if you want me to write more reviews.

Don’t forget to mention the product and, if you’re generous enough get me one too.

Changing times … Have you noticed people now don’t hate Ravan.. !!!

Ravan was always the contempt matter in Ram Leela during Dussehra. Though, my thoughts have always been limited, in wondering how would I have taken a head shot at Ravan if he were to be in a video game. But, this time when my sister was participating in RamLeela she was nagging my mother with just one question. Ravan was a good man – why was he killed .. ? Her arguments were many .. If lakshman had cut nose of Ravanas sister- he was right in taking revenge.

hqdefaultIf he kept Sita in safe custody – he was a good man. And so on.. my mother tried hard but couldn’t change the mind of my seven year old madam. And my mom confided in me .. Most of the young boys and girls participating were not happy accepting Ravana as an evil ..

Well times are really changing .. Ravana
has got acceptance in society ..

How I practically learnt PATIENCE

Last night I had just bought the first domain name in my life. It gave me all the proudness and belief that i would be heading to a great and successful future. I had intended to name it “blogupsquare.com” but ended up by naming it “blogupsqaure.com” and disaster struck (typo error). WitIMG_0869h my head held down, I told my mom (I was using her card) about this mishap. She got frantic and gave me that scolding which was more like a crash course in patience or a court scene. She then asked me to cancel and refund the domain name. While cancelling the domain name i told her……. “This happened to google too.”