Changing times … Have you noticed people now don’t hate Ravan.. !!!

Ravan was always the contempt matter in Ram Leela during Dussehra. Though, my thoughts have always been limited, in wondering how would I have taken a head shot at Ravan if he were to be in a video game. But, this time when my sister was participating in RamLeela she was nagging my mother with just one question. Ravan was a good man – why was he killed .. ? Her arguments were many .. If lakshman had cut nose of Ravanas sister- he was right in taking revenge.

hqdefaultIf he kept Sita in safe custody – he was a good man. And so on.. my mother tried hard but couldn’t change the mind of my seven year old madam. And my mom confided in me .. Most of the young boys and girls participating were not happy accepting Ravana as an evil ..

Well times are really changing .. Ravana
has got acceptance in society ..



  1. Smriti · October 22, 2015

    Loved reading it – “the head shot at Ravan” made me imagine the shot 🙂
    The last line about Ravana has got acceptance in society made me ponder on the the changing times indeed..

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  2. Pourush · October 22, 2015

    You should watch this movie called “unbreakable”, starring Bruce Willis and Samuel Jackson directed by M night Shyamalan; really simplifies the concept of good and evil and how both are equal and complimentary to each other.

    As for the goodness in Ravan, maybe the kids should be given an example of how they would feel if they were taken away from their parents and kept in a toy store with lots of candies to eat. At first they will like the idea but then they will want to go back to their loved ones, their parents, but will not be allowed to, that’s when it will become clear to them. Moral story telling to today’s kids needs to be customised perhaps!

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  3. Richa · October 22, 2015

    You’ve raised a very valid point. Many people dont see him as a villain now specially the younger generation.And yes Ravana was very learned too.

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  4. Shipra Shukla · October 22, 2015

    No one is perfect Adi. Its about taking good things from each character. I think situation pushes one to the ugly side. At this age if you are able to develop this instinct then definitely, you are heading towards a big transformation. Good going!


  5. Pradeep Singh · October 22, 2015

    Nothing should be taken at face value. everything should be questioned until there is a satisfactory explanation. That is the secret to knowledge and character. Outstanding post.


  6. Sonia · October 23, 2015

    One issue with young ones now a days is that if they have already made up their Mind on something it’s very difficult to convince them. So if they have decided that Ravana is good then it may take you a week to convince them against it. As they will keep coming back to you with more logic.😊


  7. Shamsher Singh · October 23, 2015

    Vikramaditya – You have potential. Heading of the article is very catchy. Which compels viewers to read. It matters. Plus you raised your Points nicely.


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