iPads will get cheaper… I am sure of that now…

I have been noticing for months now that my mother who was a stickler for iPad has hardly been using it ever since she got her iPhone6.

Well I was contemplating the reasons and I finally thought of confronting her. Well the excuse she gave made me feel very pity for IPad. She said iPad is so big, heavy and huge ( suddenly) and Iphone6 has such a large screen that I rather type my mails , or Facebook or even read articles on it only. This led me to realise that iPad demand will definitely be hit because of this ease and convenience the phone screen was providing. My grandmother who has an iPhone 6s is a step ahead of my mom. She hasn’t even charged her iPad for many months now whereas it used to be her favourite toy once upon a time.

Then I turned on to find some news related to it. I found that research is been done by Pocket app which lets users save pages, videos and other content to read later.

It studied more than two million articles and videos opened using the app.

Pocket discovered people who upgraded to an iPhone 6 now view content on their phones 72 per cent of the time. This is up from 55 per cent when they owned on a smaller screen. Plus, the bigger the phone, the less people use their iPad. Users with an iPhone 6 read on their tablets 19 per cent less. And those with an iPhone 6 Plus are on their tablets 36 per cent less

Well iPad has hard times ahead.. And consumers wishing to buy iPad may finally feel aache din have come..




  1. Sonia · October 24, 2015

    You should have also told us I pads will get cheaper by how much 😂


  2. Shamsher Singh · October 24, 2015

    Achhe din have come for viewers- now they are getting your blog everyday – with new ideas.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Rashmi Singh · October 24, 2015

    Quite possible Adi. I hope someone from Apple reads your blog and suggests to come up with unique features or cut the price. What do you think of Podcast?
    Nahi to olx pe bech do!!


  4. Richa Rawat · October 24, 2015

    So true! I dont remember when i did use my I pad last time. i hope apple is listening 🙂


  5. Amit Gemini · October 25, 2015

    Good observation Adi…..even i m using my Ipad rarely after Note series phones


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