10 reasons why you shouldn’t read conventional books and read on kindle paperwhite

  1. You get to know your mother’s credit card password as she gets agitated by the number of books you buy and eventually gives out her password.
  2. You can read anywhere, anytime and in any light because kindle has an auto-brightness feature, which allows you to read in total darkness also and doesn’t strain your precious eyes.
  3. You don’t need to waste your money on books as you can borrow as many books you want with paying just Rs 99/month by using kindle unlimited.kindle-unlimited-india-640x447
  4. Very affordable. Costs only Rs 6000-9000
  5. Kindle also has an experimental Internet browser. (so that you can see my blog)feat_9_1371837855
  6. Battery lasts for WEEKS on regular usage.
  7. Perfect size and easily fits in hand.
  8. Has an in-built dictionary. Just press on the word and the meaning will pop-up.Paperwhite-Physical
  9. Confused about what is the characters role in the story? Press the word and role will pop-up.
  10. Finally, the most important reason- You can turn your Bookshelf into a shoe rack.10-diy-shoe-rack


  1. Rashmi Singh · October 26, 2015

    A complete library of your collection in a small gadget. It saves trees too, less paper consumption.
    Yet some prefer the conventional feel of a book in their hands, scribble through pages, marking your fav lines with a pencil and that smell of an old book. Could be different feeling.
    Kindle is way handy , compact and convenient. All the points are valid. There are rarely any book stores/ libraries left.


  2. Shipra · October 26, 2015

    Nice n precise ! Keep it that way always. Adi a good way to crack mamma’s credit card number bt dude she is ten times smarter than you! I like your habit of keeping content short n simple. Bravo !

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  3. Pradeep Singh · October 27, 2015

    10. Vocabulary builder – all the words you have looked up are in vocabulary builder and once you feel comfortable with a word you can say “mastered” and it will be gone.

    11. Highlights – It would be a pain to find highlighted text in a text book. You can look up your highlights very quickly on Kindle.


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