Baleno is Maruti’s Diwali cracker.

Maruti-YRA_218_2015_04By now everyone knows that you will never stop ‘checking your WhatsApp, talking on the phone, sending messages, checking your mail’ while driving your car. Since you will never change, the car companies have planned to change the way you use mobile in a car. The latest example is Apple CarPlay in Maruti’s latest kid on the block.

Basically, Apple CarPlay brings your iOS screen onto the 7-inch infotainment screen. It supports:

  • Telephone Pairing (hands-free talking on phone)
  • Message (will flash on screen)
  • Siri integration (siri will read out your incoming messages)
  • Music (your saved music on phone)
  • And an in-built Navigation System (can take you to Timbaktu too!!!)


So basically the purpose is to ensure your eyes are on the road ( not on phone) and your hands on the steering wheel ( again not on phone).

By the way, it’s the first car in India to feature Apple CarPlay

The Baleno ( have you heard the name before? Yes, car with same name was launched in 2000) offers the lovely 1.2 litre K-series engine, which was used in the blockbuster Swift. It also provides 1248 CC, which is strong for a car like this. It is also very spacious and provides plenty of foot space, which means you can also take it out for a road trip. And then the two most important questions in the mind of a car buyer…

The price of the car and what’s the mileage?

Well, it costs ₨5 lakhs and gives 27.4kmpl as per company info. If you planning to buy one, brace yourself for a long waiting period. ( typical for new launches)



  1. pksinghus9 · October 29, 2015

    Wow …. a car made in India being so agile in adopting innovation. This is a miracle.


  2. Rashmi Singh · October 29, 2015

    Wah…looks like a good deal for buyers in hatchback segment. Diwali seems to be a good time for getting good things. Apple car play is a good feature.
    What about those who don’t use apple phone but still drive a car 😛


  3. Rajesh Joshi · October 29, 2015

    I read your blog and got interested.In fact I still have a Baleno( the older one).
    I will definitely want to buy this one too.


  4. Sonia · October 29, 2015

    Maruti Suzuki has a huge service network that’s why it’s the most poplar car brand in India , it’s cars fetches great resale value too.


  5. Satyendrasri@gmail · October 29, 2015

    5 lacs! Then it will be a good deal. Good information.


  6. richa · November 1, 2015

    very unique writeup on car launch! & useful too. 🙂


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