4 Android Apps You’re Not Using.

Hey android fans and users out there, now by doing this I’m also proving that I’m not bias. Enough with the talking, let’s roll…

 1.  Google Opinion Rewards [Price: Free]

Who doesn’t like taking free rewards? Well, Google Opinion Rewards is going to give you just that for answering a few surveys. You can receive upto $1 for just one survey. (and mind you, those surveys are just 1 or 2 questions long)opinionrewards_zps2b41582a

2.         Helium- App Sync & Backup [Price: Free]

Probably the one of the best backup app on the google play store. It has an excellent user-interface but what sets it apart from other backup apps is that you don’t need root your phone before backing up. (rooting is gaining special access to things on your phone that the carriers {airtel,vodafone} and manufacturers didn’t intend for you to have )rc_600x450

3. IF by IFTTT [Price: Free]

If you find yourself wasting a lot of time with repetitive internet tasks, or if you just want to automate tasks on your phone, try IF by IFTTT.The app allows you to create “recipes” or tasks built around the structure If This, Then That. For example, you post something on Facebook it automatically shares it on Twitter and Instagram. (You can customise on which social network which you want to post on) . It also connects with your Phillips Hue Lightbulbs. It can change the colour of your light according to the music you are playing.unnamed

4. Reddit’s Ask Me Anything [Price: Free]

Well, your dream of asking famous celebrities, politicians and other famous people can come true… By this app. You can ask people varying from Barack Obama to Tom Cruise.





  1. Rashmi Singh · October 30, 2015

    You are quite AWARE Adi !!!
    This looks soooooo useful.
    All the suggestion are good.


  2. Sonia · October 31, 2015

    Excellent .. I really liked this blog ..


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