Welcome back a different Modi. 

We all were seeing a Modi who was becoming arrogant and aggressive, but yesterday we got to know his attitude is changing. 

After the Bihar results the old Modi seems to be vanishing into thin air and now a toned down, quieter Modi is taking his place. Yesterday we saw Modi calling Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh to his residence 7 RCR and suddenly he isn’t sarcastic in the Parliament this time. In fact he is saying, we have to work together. 

Is it because he wants to have a peaceful Parliament session to pass his bills and he has realised confrontation can’t work for long. 

My tip, to Mr. Prime Minister will be to call Rahul Gandhi and Aamir Khan for a lunch at Bukhara. Modi-Rahul-Gandhi.jpg

Maybe he can also arrange a special literary fest for the award-wapsi people to give them their medals back. Suddenly, intolerance will vaporise into thin air!!!!!


Sorry Kejriwal Lovers, He just slapped you on your face.

Kejriwal hugging Lalu… Can you ever imagine that?

Did you vote for Arvind Kejriwal and made him CM of Delhi as the most honest person, a crusader against corruption. 

Every time Kejriwal is caught in a wrong, his favourite escape is blaming the other person. First he Blames Modi government for not giving him funds, Blames media for altering his statements, Blames MCD for ‘kuda’, Blames Haryana for water, Blames UP for electricity and Blames the centre for law and order.

FotorCreated.jpgwwe.jpgLook at this picture CAREFULLY, do you see any signs of force on Kejriwal’s face?

It seems Kejriwal’s security needs to be tighter as people like Lalu are compelling, coercing, pressurising and squeezing him. Kejriwal Ji you have already Blamed Lalu, now how about lodging a FIR against Lalu for pulling you in public.

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Congratulations Bihar!!! You Wanted One, But Got 4 CMs.

Let me introduce you to the four CMs of Bihar

  1. Nitish Kumar
  2. T1 a.k.a Tejashwi Yadav (isn’t he the youngest deputy chief minister of India?)
  3. T2 a.k.a Tejpratap Yadav
  4. Lalu Yadavlalu-son-neelabh.jpg

The oath taking ceremony was just a trailer of the helplessness Nitish Kumar is going to face over the coming months and years (if he survives).

Aren’t you surprised that Nitish Kumar isn’t keeping any key development ministries under him. 

Nitish Kumar who had a Mount Everest ego towards Narendra Modi seems to shun all his self-respect while making T1 the deputy CM. The state which gives largest number of IAS officers has got a 9th dropout Deputy CM. But my lovely Biharis cannot and should not complain as they have chosen their own fate. 

Will no one return the awards now against Nitish Kumar?

I guess Bihar schools should now focus on studies till class 9 only, because Nitish Kumar has given them a practical example that “phadoge likhoge to banoge bekaar- kheloge kudoge banoge Deputy CM”

Maybe Nitish Kumar should have inducted his own son against the Lalu threesome for some mental and physical support!!!!

Things we missed during Maggi’s ban…

There have been many not-so-good cases in India and the worst of them Maggi being banned. It’s been 100 days and finally the government decided to lift the ban. (YAY!) So here we take a look at what all things we missed during Maggi’s ban.

  1. The Sunday Maggi- Maggi has always has been our favourite dish and probably will be. And we are lucky that someone invented Sunday, because Mummy allows us to eat Maggi because she is too tired to make the so called ‘proper food’.
  2. Tiffin Maggi- Whenever we go out, the number one essential on the list is always Maggi and then second comes your sassy smartphone.
  3. Fighting With Your Siblings Over Maggi- Every time you cooked Maggi with your siblings, dividing it into equal portions was such a gigantic task. Any disparity in the amount of Maggi on each plate was tantamount to a war! And if any sibling tried to steal your part, oh boy, I can only imagine what followed!.
  4. Chef Maggi- Well, Maggi isn’t only just noodles, it is a morale booster which costs only Rs.10. Feeling low, sad and tired of being a horrible cook? Hop on Grofers or just call your departmental store to order a pack of Maggi and boom there is a huge morale booster.

INTOLERANCE: Are These The Real Reason Behind It?


  1. Government is not involved in any scams so far.
  2. “Families” are getting exposed.
  3. Journalists are not allowed to accompany Modi on his foreign visits.
  4. Fake NGOs are banned.
  5. Pseudo intellectuals are getting exposed.
  6. Government officials are asked to work regularly.
  7. Government is focusing on development.
  8. Terrorists are not being spared.
  9. Every individual is expected to contribute for nation.
  10. To ensure Modi’s defeat at Bihar Elections.

Do let me know if I missed any point.

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6 Things You Don’t Know About Diwali

Today on the auspicious event of Diwali, I wanted to blog about something related to it. So here, I present 6 things you didn’t know about Diwali.

1. The word Diwali comes from a sanskrit word Deepavali which means “row of lamps”.

2. The lights and candles put on the way are meant to help Goddess Laxmi find her way into our homes and businesses so that she can shower wealth and prosperity.

3. It is a celebration of 5 days, Diwali falls on the third day and is also the main day which falls on the night of the new moon.

4. Not only Hindus but Jains, Sikhs and some of the Buddhists also believe and celebrate the festival.

5. On this day Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya and according to Jains, Lord Mahavira attained Nirvana on this day.

6. The houses and business venues are cleaned up because Goddess Laxmi only visits the neat and clean houses.happy-diwali-graphic-to-share-on-facebook

So, this Diwali burst crackers with all your might because Diwali comes only once a year.

Can someone explain to me why Modi lost Bihar?

  • People relate to his policies (especially youth like me, my friends and my whole class).
  • India till date hasn’t got such a dynamic Prime minister. People of India always wanted such a powerful and high on impact PM. So,here he is is fulfilling  the common man’s fantasy. He has perfectly fitted into people’s scheme of thing.
  • He has a vision for India. He knows the problem of India and feels it. And really want to do something solid about it. This realisation has made people believe in him.
  • He’s a crowd puller. It shows his popularity. People are just mad to listen to him. He has this magic wand. (So, if so many people come to see him why don’t they vote for him.)Modi_with_crowd_gorakhpur_story_big
  • He has good marketing skills. A perfect branding and packaging for everything he does..and it ends up as a huge hit.
  • He’s very active on social networking platforms like Facebook ,Twitter. He has pipped the superstars of Bollywood in fan following.
  • Qualities like punctuality, fitness, endurance, workaholism, high energy level.indias-prime-minister-narendra-modi-performs-yoga-with-others-during-a-yoga-camp-to-mark-the-international-day-of-yoga-in-new-delhi-india-june-21-2015-reutersadnan-abidi
  • Strong diplomacy at international level.
  • And of course, then are his foreign connections.29-1443500669-modi-mark-zuckerberg2

It was the first time Mark Zuckerberg wore a shirt.

  • His campaigns like swach bharat, digital india, opening bank accounts for the poor, increasing woman power, make in india and eventually boosting India’s economy.

If you still know the reason, please answer in the comment box below.

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We are the youth of India and Bihar elections have disappointed us.

bad-mouthing-by-indian-politiciansIn the Bihar elections not only Bihar, the whole India was disgraced. Instead of promising development and wellness for the people, the politicians spent the precious campaigning time bad-mouthing other parties and political figures and there was not even the slightest moment, where something was said that benefited the youth. 

During the election campaign, Laloo Prasad Yadav went on to mimic Modi’s style of address and this video recording went viral across the country. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was called a ‘Luchcha’ by former Bihar Minister Shakuni Choudhary, PM Modi got branded ‘Jhootha’ and a ‘Kalia Naag’ while all semblance of courtesy started to fall away. 

Such was the case of the Bihar elections. And they tell the children to not abuse, and if that is what the children watch on television, what is going to happen to the future and etiquettes of Bihar’s next generation. It would be a total chaos, small children shouting swears and we seriously don’t want that to happen. I think it’s time to knock some sense into the brains of the political figures in Bihar because they are spoiling Bihar’s future. You might have noticed during all the campaigning in Bihar there wasn’t a single party which said good things about themselves, they just ridiculed the others. On a ending note, I would like to ask Mr. Political Figures Of Bihar to think twice before the start blubbering.

10 things you didn’t know about English

  1. Dreamt is the only word in english that ends with ‘mt’
  2. Hold it… English isn’t the most spoken language in the world… it’s succeeded by Mandarin and Chinese
  3. “Go!” is the shortest, in the number of words, complete English sentence that directly answers your question.
  4. The alphabet got it’s name from the first two letters of the greek alphabet, Alpha and Beta.
  5. There are 2 billion words in the English language. You only know around 50 thousand of them.
  6. Titin is the largest known protein. It holds the record of the longest word and consists of 189,891 letters and takes approximately 3.5 hours to pronounce it.185y8bh63iti0png
  7. ‘Drunk’ has the most number of synonyms that is, 2000 synonyms.
  8. ‘Who’ is the oldest english word.
  9. ‘The’, ‘Be’, ‘To’, ‘Of’, ‘For’, make up 25% of the words you speak. Swears make up 3%.
  10. Most people believe that no word rhymes with ’orange’ but ‘sporange’ does.