We are the youth of India and Bihar elections have disappointed us.

bad-mouthing-by-indian-politiciansIn the Bihar elections not only Bihar, the whole India was disgraced. Instead of promising development and wellness for the people, the politicians spent the precious campaigning time bad-mouthing other parties and political figures and there was not even the slightest moment, where something was said that benefited the youth. 

During the election campaign, Laloo Prasad Yadav went on to mimic Modi’s style of address and this video recording went viral across the country. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was called a ‘Luchcha’ by former Bihar Minister Shakuni Choudhary, PM Modi got branded ‘Jhootha’ and a ‘Kalia Naag’ while all semblance of courtesy started to fall away. 

Such was the case of the Bihar elections. And they tell the children to not abuse, and if that is what the children watch on television, what is going to happen to the future and etiquettes of Bihar’s next generation. It would be a total chaos, small children shouting swears and we seriously don’t want that to happen. I think it’s time to knock some sense into the brains of the political figures in Bihar because they are spoiling Bihar’s future. You might have noticed during all the campaigning in Bihar there wasn’t a single party which said good things about themselves, they just ridiculed the others. On a ending note, I would like to ask Mr. Political Figures Of Bihar to think twice before the start blubbering.



  1. Rashmi Singh · November 6, 2015

    Use of fowl language is only a reflection of how they think. We need good people everywhere 😊.


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