6 Things You Don’t Know About Diwali

Today on the auspicious event of Diwali, I wanted to blog about something related to it. So here, I present 6 things you didn’t know about Diwali.

1. The word Diwali comes from a sanskrit word Deepavali which means “row of lamps”.

2. The lights and candles put on the way are meant to help Goddess Laxmi find her way into our homes and businesses so that she can shower wealth and prosperity.

3. It is a celebration of 5 days, Diwali falls on the third day and is also the main day which falls on the night of the new moon.

4. Not only Hindus but Jains, Sikhs and some of the Buddhists also believe and celebrate the festival.

5. On this day Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya and according to Jains, Lord Mahavira attained Nirvana on this day.

6. The houses and business venues are cleaned up because Goddess Laxmi only visits the neat and clean houses.happy-diwali-graphic-to-share-on-facebook

So, this Diwali burst crackers with all your might because Diwali comes only once a year.


One comment

  1. Rashmi · November 11, 2015

    Brings joy and happiness.
    Happy Diwali dear blogger.


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