Things we missed during Maggi’s ban…

There have been many not-so-good cases in India and the worst of them Maggi being banned. It’s been 100 days and finally the government decided to lift the ban. (YAY!) So here we take a look at what all things we missed during Maggi’s ban.

  1. The Sunday Maggi- Maggi has always has been our favourite dish and probably will be. And we are lucky that someone invented Sunday, because Mummy allows us to eat Maggi because she is too tired to make the so called ‘proper food’.
  2. Tiffin Maggi- Whenever we go out, the number one essential on the list is always Maggi and then second comes your sassy smartphone.
  3. Fighting With Your Siblings Over Maggi- Every time you cooked Maggi with your siblings, dividing it into equal portions was such a gigantic task. Any disparity in the amount of Maggi on each plate was tantamount to a war! And if any sibling tried to steal your part, oh boy, I can only imagine what followed!.
  4. Chef Maggi- Well, Maggi isn’t only just noodles, it is a morale booster which costs only Rs.10. Feeling low, sad and tired of being a horrible cook? Hop on Grofers or just call your departmental store to order a pack of Maggi and boom there is a huge morale booster.


  1. Rashmi Singh · November 17, 2015

    There isn’t any match to that flavour and smell. You can smell Maggi been cooked in others house from a distance 😛
    Maggi is found at places where you don’t get proper food as well. All Trekkers survive on Maggi.
    Any part of the country, Maggi is available in remotest areas.
    Yayyy… Maggi is back.


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