Congratulations Bihar!!! You Wanted One, But Got 4 CMs.

Let me introduce you to the four CMs of Bihar

  1. Nitish Kumar
  2. T1 a.k.a Tejashwi Yadav (isn’t he the youngest deputy chief minister of India?)
  3. T2 a.k.a Tejpratap Yadav
  4. Lalu Yadavlalu-son-neelabh.jpg

The oath taking ceremony was just a trailer of the helplessness Nitish Kumar is going to face over the coming months and years (if he survives).

Aren’t you surprised that Nitish Kumar isn’t keeping any key development ministries under him. 

Nitish Kumar who had a Mount Everest ego towards Narendra Modi seems to shun all his self-respect while making T1 the deputy CM. The state which gives largest number of IAS officers has got a 9th dropout Deputy CM. But my lovely Biharis cannot and should not complain as they have chosen their own fate. 

Will no one return the awards now against Nitish Kumar?

I guess Bihar schools should now focus on studies till class 9 only, because Nitish Kumar has given them a practical example that “phadoge likhoge to banoge bekaar- kheloge kudoge banoge Deputy CM”

Maybe Nitish Kumar should have inducted his own son against the Lalu threesome for some mental and physical support!!!!


One comment

  1. Anonymous · November 21, 2015

    now i am waiting for the post of ravish jee .


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