Sorry Kejriwal Lovers, He just slapped you on your face.

Kejriwal hugging Lalu… Can you ever imagine that?

Did you vote for Arvind Kejriwal and made him CM of Delhi as the most honest person, a crusader against corruption. 

Every time Kejriwal is caught in a wrong, his favourite escape is blaming the other person. First he Blames Modi government for not giving him funds, Blames media for altering his statements, Blames MCD for ‘kuda’, Blames Haryana for water, Blames UP for electricity and Blames the centre for law and order.

FotorCreated.jpgwwe.jpgLook at this picture CAREFULLY, do you see any signs of force on Kejriwal’s face?

It seems Kejriwal’s security needs to be tighter as people like Lalu are compelling, coercing, pressurising and squeezing him. Kejriwal Ji you have already Blamed Lalu, now how about lodging a FIR against Lalu for pulling you in public.

Just scroll down a bit and follow my blog for updates.


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