Top 10 quick tips to save Money and Time

  1. Want to extend the length of a trial of an application/ software? Simply push back the date on your computer.winxp-settings-date-time-properties.png

  2. If you use the socket of an iPad charger for charging your iPhone it will charge much faster.11iyeivFuKL

  3. If you want to charge your phone faster, (applicable for iOS, Android and other Operating Systems) put them on airplane mode during charging.airplane-mode.jpg

  4. Bounce batteries to see if they’re good or bad. Drop them on a table from about 6 inches. If it gives a small bounce and falls over, they are good. If they bounce around any more than that, they’re dead, or close to dead.
  5. Got scratches on your wood table? Rub a walnut on it, they will (1)
  6. Annoyed of ads on your phone games? Turn on airplane mode.paper-glider-chartboost.jpg
  7. Put your phone in a cup or glass to amplify the sound.17mblfp4p6utkjpg
  8. Have only Triple A batteries (the slim ones)? Fill the gaps with foil.4840.jpg
  9. If laptop is over heating place two forks underneath.Forks-under-laptop
  10. Set “@@” as the keyboard shortcut for your email address. Now you don’t have to type your email again and

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