USA’s top secret place + Area 51 + Why have moon missions stopped?

It’s so secret that anyone who enters the perimeter is shot on sight.          

35 to 40 storeys down the ground, is USA’s worst kept secret. The civilian contractors and others who work at the base are flown in every morning aboard unmarked planes with blacked-out windows. And rumours swirl around this base, much like the mysterious aircraft that twist and turn in the skies overhead.

Less than 100 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada is the most famous secret military installation on the planet, Area 51.


What is Area 51?

  1. US government won’t discuss it.
  2. It is considered so sensitive that only those who take an oath of secrecy for life are allowed in.
  3. President Eisenhower later approved its use for development and testing of experimental aircrafts and weapon systems.


So what’s the big deal?

The intense secrecy around Area 51 led to conspiracy theories…. Most famously that it is a centre for research for UFO’s and Aliens. It’s so secret that anyone who enters the perimeter is shot on sight.

In mid 1947 a UFO crashed in Roswell (A city in New Mexico) and it was reported that alien bodies were recovered from the crash and since have been stored in Area 51. The United States declined such reports and said it was their surveillance balloon which I think pretty much looks like an UFO.ufo

This is (presumably) the alien body collected: hqdefault-1.jpg

  • Eye witnesses have reportedly seen UFO’s turning and twisting over the base.
  • An alien spacecraft and alien bodies recovered from Roswell in 1947 have been supposedly been stored there.
  • The highway leading to Area 51 is nicknamed “Extraterrestrial Highway”.Rachel1.jpg
  • Area 51 is not connected to the internet, so therefore making it totally safe from hackers. It’s thought that the US government has developed their own version of the internet for the base itself.
  • The futuristic looking A-12 OXCART- is a jet that was developed and tested at Area 51. Flying at a whopping speed of 3540 kmph, the jet takes 300 kilometres to make a single U-turn
  • When Area 51 was chosen as the testing site for the OXCART, a new, 8,500-foot runway had to be built. So as not to draw attention, contractors worked under cover of night.
  • Astronauts on board the Skylab space station snapped photos of Area 51. NASA and security debated the impact it would have on national security if the photos were publicly released. The image was finally given all the clear and was published as part of collection if Skylab photos.
  • It is believed that America and Britain have been working together at Area 51 since the last 80’s.
  • After an increase in UFO sightings in 1952, the CIA concluded that “there is a remote possibility that they may be interplanetary aircraft,” and that it was necessary to investigate each sighting.
  • There are many books regarding Area 51 most of them written by ex-Area 51 employees. Here is the famous one Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base
  •  Early on, the only entertainment at Area 51 consisted of a single cement tennis court and a small bowling alley. There was no television, and radio signals only made it through the surrounding mountains in the evening.
  • And the question remains as to why there hasn’t been any mission to moon after Apollo 17, even though 43 years have passed and the technology is so much advanced which include super fast supercomputers. Though many conspiracy theories say there was an alien encounters after which they had to sign a treaty as to there would be no more moon landings.

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