An App That Can Change your Life… I am ( OFFTIME )

Believe me people will start respecting you and infact start following you. You will set an example that you are in control of your social life. Please have a life for yourself, don’t let mobile rule you, instead you rule your mobile and dictate your terms to mobile. Install this app for a better life.

( Offtime )

Available on: Android | iOS

With everyone getting distracted ever so often by constant buzzing on their phones its just so hard to stay focused. So at least someone was so intelligent to understand and build what was needed by everyone.

An app which lets you stay focused and off your phone for a time period you set yourself. It mutes all your contacts except those you specify yourself. For example, you specify that your mothers contact will not be muted during the period, that will make the app only allow your mother through and no one else.

It will also send a message to all your contacts (if you want so) that you are off for the time period you set.

After your time period is over you will get a nice overview of who all wanted to be in touch with you.


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