Kejriwal throwing away your hard earned money..!! + Kejriwal having the time of his life on your expense + Getting Irritated on Kejriwal Ads?

60 crores rupees is the sum of money which has been withdrawn from your pockets for only the publicity of odd-even rule. And a total of 750 crores* is to be spent by the Delhi government by March 31st solely for advertisement.

Couldn’t stop myself from writing on the massive ad spent done by Kejriwal every single hour on FM radios (and tv channels) and why no one in media talks about how he is misusing public money like water. You will not believe whenever I switch on the radio in my car I hear Delhi govt’s ads, at least 12 ads in 1 hour. One or sometimes two, in every commercial break. It is either Kejriwal’s voice or even Manish Sisodia talking about some “take receipt when you buy something from shops”. I mean how disgusting can this be. I mean why these ads. And repeating this 2 -3 minutes long advertisement every 5 mins is sheer misuse. Only Delhiites and NCR people come to know about it because these FM channels are only on NCR radios . Even in newspapers why do they need to give full page ads, can be a quarter page ad and why (for gods sake why) on the first page?
Point is how conveniently media puts a finger on their lips regarding this as this is filling their coffers.
Wishing Supreme Court takes notice of this and issues a warning that an announcement should be done that money for these ads are paid from your (listeners and viewers) taxes. I spoke to my friends and they say that now a days it’s less commercial ads and more Kejriwal/Sisodia/ Delhi police ads on radio channels the entire day.
No wonder people have started talking – Is this Delhi govt all about media management? or Isn’t this another way of managing media?

*It is all over the internet.


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