Can have a baby, can’t keep baby’s name and many such outrageous facts

  1. Can’t keep your favourite Baby Name in Denmark- If you want to have a original and creative name for your baby, Denmark is not the right place for you.You have to choose from the list of 24,000 names approved by the government. In fact, the Danish government banned creative names altogether, and if you have your mind set on a name outside the list, you have to make a special request and ask for permission.
  2. Ketchup banned in France- France though that French teenagers were using excessive amounts of ketchup which made French cuisine lose its originality so ketchup got banned in school cafeterias but students are allowed to take a little ketchup when they eat French Fries.
  3. Cannot wear Yellow Clothing in Malaysia- And it’s not just T-shirts, but everything yellow, from belts to hats, wristbands, even shoelaces. In 2011, the Malaysian government banned the color yellow in clothing because it was the color of a group of opposition activists. The decision was particularly strange given the fact that yellow is a royal colour in Malaysia, and very popular because Malaysians tend to look good in it.
  4. Game Consoles in China- The Chinese government thought kids and youngsters were wasting too much time playing video games, so they decided to ban game consoles, hoping this would encourage them to study or work harder.  The law involved restrictions in manufacturing and marketing game consoles. Nevertheless, non-console video games are still permitted, which makes the law pretty ineffective.
  5. Cant see Avatar in China- China did not like the idea so much about the theme of the movie. So they thought of a solution: to ban the movie in 2D. Since China has almost no 3D theaters, it was very simple to prevent the people from watching the movie.
  6. Time Travel in China- Even though time travel doesn’t exist it is still banned in China.The Chinese government feels that TV shows, movies, and books that focus on time travel tend to show an wrong image of history, making up myths and false events.