Made In China?… Nahi Chahiye Bhaiya

I had been complaining to my mom that there is absolutely no Diwali mood this time. Basically, it seemed Diwali came a bit too early.

Fed up of my constant cribbing about no Diwali excitement my mother forcibly took me for Dhanteras shopping.

My eyes popped out when I went to our local sector market.

Rows and rows of makeshift shops with the brightest and most colourful of decorations adorned the market. There were atleast 500 people busy shopping diyas and rangolis. Steel utensils shops were over extended and buzzing with customers. My mother reminded me that people buy steel utensils on Dhanteras as a custom. And that I am supposed to follow the ritual throughout my life.

I was quite amazed to see happy faces and people shopping at ease whereas normally everyone is at hurry all the time. All my doubts about ‘no Diwali excitement’ vanished into thin air.

Secretly, I was relieved that yes Diwali spirit is there, booming and people are thrilled with the most joyful of our festivals. I was unable to notice this sitting at home and I am so glad that my mom wanted me to see with my own eyes that Diwali is alive and kicking.

Now my most important observation was that before making up a mind to buy any particular item people were asking, “Is it made in China?” and poor shopkeepers were lying that it’s made in India.

I think I can bet that for China this will be a black Diwali. 


Headphones that allow a deaf person to hear

Bone conduction headphones.

I consider these to be the most amazing, practical and life changing invention ever. These headphones can make a deaf person listen again. Quite surprised? You will be even more astounded as this technology was developed as early as the 18th- Century by the great artist Beethoven. Bone conduction headphones are a breakthrough in listening technology that allow you to hear stereo music without blocking your ears. Bone conduction headphones transmit music through your bones directly to your inner ear – so you can still hear everything around you.

Discovery: Bone conduction was discovered by Ludwig van Beethoven, the famous 18th century composer who was almost deaf. Beethoven found a way to hear music through his jawbone by biting a rod attached to his piano.

How we normally hear: Normal sound waves are actually tiny vibrations in the air. The vibrations travel through the air to our ear drums. The ear drums in turn vibrate, decoding these sound waves into a different type of vibrations that are received by the Cochlea, also known as the inner ear. The Cochlea is connected to our auditory nerve, which transmits the sounds to our brain.

How we hear with bone conduction: Bone Conduction bypasses the eardrums. In bone conduction listening, the headphones perform the role of your ear drums. Bone conduction headphones decode sound waves and convert them into vibrations that can be received directly by the Cochlea – so the ear drum is never involved. Early attempts at bone conduction resulted in fairly poor sound quality. But new technology has improved the listening quality by decoding the sound waves into high fidelity, stereo quality sound.

Benefits: Bone conduction is a safer way to listen. Bone conduction does not use your eardrums, so there is less stress on your ears.

If you have experienced hearing loss, you may be able to hear clearly again with Bone Conduction. Most cases of hearing loss are due to eardrum damage. Since Bone Conduction does not use the eardrum, you may be able to listen to music and sound clearly without a hearing aid.

Also, a variety of these headphones are used for swimming and even in the military.

Here is a video on Unbox Therapy in which he tests out these bone conduction headphones.

Price range is Rs. 5000 and above

Also, these are few bone conduction headphones on


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Donald Trump – President (not) to be. Why his business ideas won’t help America.

Celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert De Niro, Samuel L.Jackson, Ben Stiller, J.K Rowling, George Clooney, Johnny Depp and Stephen Hawking are just the few celebrities who are against Donald Trump for becoming the next president of the United States. Why?

Their comments and views clearly portray their anger and hate towards him. For example, J.K Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, saying that Voldemort (the villain in the series) is better than Donald Trump. We have actors such as George Clooney calling him “a xenophobic fascist” and Johnny Depp labelling him as “a brat”. 

I would not focus towards his known comments about immigration and people of different races as they are very widely known. 

I would however tell you about the facts which are unknown about him. 

Trump has managed to create a bad image of himself among all kinds of people. His outrageous comments towards various issues have attracted anger and hate towards him and yes, with him in the White House the future of America seems dark and gloomy. Why? (The perception is that he is a successful businessman)

The United States is in a debt of $20 trillion and this seems to make Trump an ideal president due to his strong image as a businessman and his net worth of $3.7 billion but that too is not entirely right:-

  • He inherited his wealth from a father who made a name for himself.
  • Most of his money today comes by way of his celebrity, not his business acumen.
  • He has filed bankruptcy multiple times, which means he’s made horrible decisions and has gone broke – more than once.

Donald Trump is not a man of high moral character. He recently left Scottish citizens homeless in order to build a golf course, bulldozing their lands and displacing proud residents of the nation. And he’s done the same to minority communities by destroying their areas for hotels and casinos. 

As far as Trump’s comments on immigration are considered his own wife Melania Trump immigrated from Yugoslavia. She was raised in a concrete tower block in then Yugoslavia during the rule of Tito and immigrated to the US in the mid-1990’s. Her previous activities have raised various questions about the legality in her immigration. 

24 Season 2 got 10 Things Wrong

This year’s 24 totally failed to live up to its expectation. What we all expected was an action packed, thrilling story filled with twist and turns, however what we got was a total contrast. The storyline revolved around on the same facts over and over. The last episode has left me with a lot of questions so lets take a look at the factors which made this 24 a total flop.

  1. The concept of the virus: Yes the idea seems pretty good but seeing the people infected with it is not exactly what you want to see at 9pm prime time. The images of people coughing, bleeding and crying is such a devastating sight and you do not want to watch such repulsive images when on the other hand gripping and entertaining comedy show is going on.
  2. The power of Roshan Sherchand: The whole of ATU was at this person’s fingertips. Whatever he asks them to do they follow. He asks them to shoot Mallik, they do so. He asks them to free his daughter, the head of ATU comes running along. He asks them to let him out of the boat docks, he gets the satellite imagery. He is so powerful that he escapes a whole special unit of soldiers even after being shot during the virus exchange. Wow!
  3. The weak ATU: The ATU on the other hand cannot solve problems of their own. Their mission to capture the virus was a total flop. It resulted in Roshan escaping from jail and the virus being with him. They managed to let Roshan escape from the club, from the boat docks and they are the ones who took him out of jail. They manage to lose Kiran (Jai’s daughter) in a park full of ATU workers. Seems like the main hero of this series was Roshan Sherchand. And at the end it is Roshan’s accomplice Maddy who offers to help ATU solve the whole thing, otherwise they were going the totally different way.
  4. Dragging of the scenes: The ‘kidnapping’ of the Kiran’s neighbours daughter was stretched for so many episodes making it so irritating to watch. Also the attempt to free Roshan from jail was so stretched that it was a total bore.
  5. The loser Mallik: She would be the worst role for a leader. She was so confused herself that the other workers were telling her what to do. It was best that they shot her later in the series. Also I could not understand the motive for bringing up her special needs son, they might as well have taken a normal child.
  6. Siddharth Seghal’s family side: Firstly he leaves Mallik and his son ten years ago, however after Mallik’s death he greatly longs for her. Surprisingly, he reaches to all heights to free ‘his son’, whom he left 10 years ago ruthlessly.
  7. The Shinde side: This was the most irritating factor of this year’s season. I do not understand as to why that Antra was crying after the death of his husband. She was acting so dumb as she was making a whole scene out of the watch thing. Also this made no connection to that of story of the virus. I felt like clapping when she shot herself so that we do not have to see her irritating tantrums again.
  8. Devyani’s blood exchange: When Devyani was asked for her blood samples in the hospital where she worked, she exchanged the samples. It still remians a mystery as to why she did so as she later says she was unaware of the antibodies in her body.
  9. I bet there will be a Season 3: I know you are surprised by hearing this however if you remember, Jai Singh Rathore was wearing a bullet proof vest when that nani shot her. And I too am surprised that the nani who cannot handle her grandson at the moment , after returning from a hostage situation, has time to go on the internet, find a newly circulated video, find Jai at the hospital instead of ATU, find a gun and shoot him, while he was wearing a vest, within 30 minutes. Amazing!
  10. Roshan’s hacker Maddy: I was truly impressed by her hacking skills and awestruck by the easy availability of all the CCTV footages of delicate locations in Mumbai. She hacks into any system while sitting in her car.

 The only thing I will remember in this series is the perfect acting and grace of Naina Singhania and Roshan Sherchand.