Donald Trump – President (not) to be. Why his business ideas won’t help America.

Celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert De Niro, Samuel L.Jackson, Ben Stiller, J.K Rowling, George Clooney, Johnny Depp and Stephen Hawking are just the few celebrities who are against Donald Trump for becoming the next president of the United States. Why?

Their comments and views clearly portray their anger and hate towards him. For example, J.K Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, saying that Voldemort (the villain in the series) is better than Donald Trump. We have actors such as George Clooney calling him “a xenophobic fascist” and Johnny Depp labelling him as “a brat”. 

I would not focus towards his known comments about immigration and people of different races as they are very widely known. 

I would however tell you about the facts which are unknown about him. 

Trump has managed to create a bad image of himself among all kinds of people. His outrageous comments towards various issues have attracted anger and hate towards him and yes, with him in the White House the future of America seems dark and gloomy. Why? (The perception is that he is a successful businessman)

The United States is in a debt of $20 trillion and this seems to make Trump an ideal president due to his strong image as a businessman and his net worth of $3.7 billion but that too is not entirely right:-

  • He inherited his wealth from a father who made a name for himself.
  • Most of his money today comes by way of his celebrity, not his business acumen.
  • He has filed bankruptcy multiple times, which means he’s made horrible decisions and has gone broke – more than once.

Donald Trump is not a man of high moral character. He recently left Scottish citizens homeless in order to build a golf course, bulldozing their lands and displacing proud residents of the nation. And he’s done the same to minority communities by destroying their areas for hotels and casinos. 

As far as Trump’s comments on immigration are considered his own wife Melania Trump immigrated from Yugoslavia. She was raised in a concrete tower block in then Yugoslavia during the rule of Tito and immigrated to the US in the mid-1990’s. Her previous activities have raised various questions about the legality in her immigration. 


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