Made In China?… Nahi Chahiye Bhaiya

I had been complaining to my mom that there is absolutely no Diwali mood this time. Basically, it seemed Diwali came a bit too early.

Fed up of my constant cribbing about no Diwali excitement my mother forcibly took me for Dhanteras shopping.

My eyes popped out when I went to our local sector market.

Rows and rows of makeshift shops with the brightest and most colourful of decorations adorned the market. There were atleast 500 people busy shopping diyas and rangolis. Steel utensils shops were over extended and buzzing with customers. My mother reminded me that people buy steel utensils on Dhanteras as a custom. And that I am supposed to follow the ritual throughout my life.

I was quite amazed to see happy faces and people shopping at ease whereas normally everyone is at hurry all the time. All my doubts about ‘no Diwali excitement’ vanished into thin air.

Secretly, I was relieved that yes Diwali spirit is there, booming and people are thrilled with the most joyful of our festivals. I was unable to notice this sitting at home and I am so glad that my mom wanted me to see with my own eyes that Diwali is alive and kicking.

Now my most important observation was that before making up a mind to buy any particular item people were asking, “Is it made in China?” and poor shopkeepers were lying that it’s made in India.

I think I can bet that for China this will be a black Diwali. 


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