At 6 lakh rupees, it is too expensive to die in the United States

Every year, Americans arrange funerals for more than two million deceased at an average cost of $7,300 (Rs. 4.8 lakhs) per funeral,not including cemetery costs. Many funerals go for $10,000 (Rs. 6 lakh) and up.

It’s no surprise that most families call a funeral home when someone they love dies. The funeral home dispatches a funeral director to pick up the body and bring it back to the funeral home. The funeral director then schedules a meeting with surviving family members to help them arrange the funeral service.

The family spends approximately $6,000 on goods and services purchased from the funeral home. Here is a price breakdown of some of those typical costs:

    • Casket – From $2000 – $10,000 (Rs. 1.3 lakhs to Rs. 6 lakhs)
      • At an average price of more than $2,000 for a metal, wood, fiberboard or plastic model, a casket is the single most expensive item in a traditional funeral. Mahogany, bronze or copper models run up to $10,000 or more.
    • Funeral director’s basic services fee – $1,500 (Rs. 1 lakh )
    • Embalming (to preserve corpse from decomposition) and body preparation – $600 (Rs. 40,000)
    • Funeral ceremony and viewing – $1,000 (Rs. 66,000)
    • Hearse, death certificates, obituary, etc.- $600 (Rs. 40,000)

The average traditional funeral service is followed by body burial in a cemetery. The average family will spend approximately $2,000 for goods and services at the cemetery. Here is a price breakdown of the typical costs:

    • Grave space – $1,000 (Rs. 66,000)
    • Cost to dig the grave – $1,000 (Rs. 66,000)

While the typical family has spent close to $8,000 by now, there are still more costs involved in completing the funeral transaction. If the body is buried in a cemetery you will also need to purchase a headstone or grave marker. A headstone is typically a two-piece granite rock that sits on top of the grave site. It’s typically two feet high. A grave marker is typically a flat granite or bronze plaque that lies flat on the ground on top of the grave site. Here is a rough approximation as to what you can expect to spend on a headstone:

    • Headstone – $2,000 (Rs. 1.3 lakhs)
    • Grave Marker – $1,000 (Rs. 66,000)

A headstone with inscriptions

So, live freely and die cheaply in India rather than going bankrupt dying in USA.






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