Why Punjab is becoming another Mexico?

“As of today, over 40 lakh youth in Punjab are addicted to drugs. The drugs network has been spread in the state by the Akalis. Within a month of our government formation in the state, we will stop the supply of drugs,” Kejriwal said while addressing a rally in Jalandhar district.

Mister Kejriwal what will you be able to do when the police have proven to be totally wasteful for the past few years?

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Amritsar and the Science City in Jalandhar on a school trip and after hearing about all the buzz around ‘Udta Punjab’ my mindset was very different from previous views.

Even after really really tight police, I could notice shards of glasses on roads which seemed to be from syringes. However, it was nowhere near the bigger picture of Punjab.

I read the following article when I returned to Delhi:

Dr Muneet, who is working with a rehabilitation centre in Batala Civil Hospital, told ET that the profile of the average drug user in Punjab is changing. “I have been working on this project for six years and the incidence of drug use is increasing. Even the age group is now 13 to 28 years. The younger children befriend old kids and are coming in contact with drugs at a younger age. Initially it is offered free to these children and then when they get hooked, they are asked for money,” Dr Muneet says. She says the more dangerous trend is that the younger age group is injecting heroin. “In the older age group from 29 years and upwards, heroin is being sniffed and injected,” she says, adding that there is no age or gender bar as girls are also reporting drug abuse.

The same Economic Times report also states that:

“In Batala, just a few kilometres from India-Pakistan border, you don’t need to look too hard for chitta (white powder), ganja or afeem. Make your way to Gandhi camp, the slum area home to the industrial focal point’s migrant labourers, and you can buy it. The dusty path next to the road is strewn with glass. On closer examination, you find crushed syringes all along the road. A young boy sitting in a desolate spot casually rolls cigarettes and offers to a buyer. “

If an Economic Times reporter can find the places where these drugs are distributed, I am deeply disturbed as to how a police officer cannot? We may as well appoint journalists at high posts in the police. This greatly puts me in a state of sorrow. These rapacious politicians sell all the properties owned by the government while making an excuse that they are doing so to pay off school teachers. The ET report also tells that :

“They usually give you free drugs. The first few times it is free. I started when my friends offered. I was young, unemployed and had nothing better to do,” says Sonu. He tried it a couple of times and then got hooked onto it. He said he did not realise he had got addicted even when his knees and legs ached if he did not get a hit. “The initial feeling of having power to do anything gave way to ‘I need it to live’,” he said. That is when the supplier started asking for money.

The Rs 60,000 crore illegal narcotic industry is flourishing under the nose of Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal, whose party Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD), has been allegedly marked by corruption, lawlessness and poor economic activity.

There is a clear connection between the power corridors of Punjab and the money launderers, drug peddlers, contraband sellers and many more, each one of them leeching out life of the state that is known for the vigour and valour of its men and women.

In 2014, while the Shiromani Akali Dal (Badal) was staging dharnas on the Indo-Pakistan border against the drug menace, Bikram Singh Majithia, brother-in-law of Punjab’s Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal, was named in the multi-crore drug racket led by Jagdish Singh Bhola.

It is known that in his statement to the Enforcement Directorate (ED), Bhola named many top Akali leaders and their family members in the drug racket. Sarwan Singh Phillaur’s son Damanjit Singh Phillaur was named as being hand in glove with the drug cartel.

I wonder till how long will the government try and censor the truth as it is only going to get worse during the elections.
The only reason why I thought I must write a blog on this was that I was deeply disturbed to see kids of my age destroying their lives whereas they should be working hard to become highly successful in life.




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  1. Anonymous · November 27, 2016

    excellent vikram!!!!


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